Revelation Online: Class Introduction

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Hàng chuẩn Revelation Online: Class Introduction

Post by Admin on Sat May 09, 2015 12:35 am

- Light Blader 光刃 - Light Blader is a warrior class which is specialized in melee battle. He can deal burst damage and has various skills to resist abnormal status. He can switch between attacking or defensive stance.

- Elemental Sword Master 玉虚 - Elementalist, despite the weapon she yields, is actually a spell-caster. She can deal huge damage to large area at long range and has various crowd control skills. She is specialized in fire, ice and lightning elemental spells.

- Summoner 灵珑 - Summoner has the ability to call upon familiars, such as gorilla, snake etc, with aid her in battle. She is specialized in protecting and healing allies, asides from her long-range damage dealing capability.

- Gunner 炎天 - Gunner is the artillery and machine specialist, which is good at dealing long range physical damage. She can deploy machines & equip mobile armor suit to increase her damage dealing capability as well.

- Paladin 圣堂 - Paladin is the traditional paladin class, which fulfills the role of tanking in party. He has various skills which boost his defence to guard against enemies’ attack. He can also use Avatar to increase his burst damage dealing capability.

- Necromancer 流光 - Necromancer is a class with various buffs to boost the ability of the party, while dealing damage at the same time. He can also debuff enemies to weaken them and has some healing spell as well. He can transform into angels or demons in battle.


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