Revelation Online: Skill System Introduction

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default Revelation Online: Skill System Introduction

Post by Admin on Sat May 09, 2015 2:18 pm

Revelation Online skill and combat system are translated by Claris of Freedom guild. The skill system consists of 3 components, namely Basic skill(基础技能), Unparalleled skill(无双技能)and Qing Gong (轻功).  The following information is based on pre-CBT information released in the official forum; the skill system in the upcoming CBT might be different.

There has been several updates on skill system of Revelation Online. The latest UI for basic skill window is shown below:

Here the 3 versions basic skill tree branch UI:
Version 3 is the latest version.

Basic Skill

Basic skill point works like most of the MMORPG’s: use your skill point to learn a skill in a skill tree. The unique feature in Revelation Online is that, the system allow you go more than one skill branch and each skill has their respective level. Each job can learn up to 3
different types of basic skill branch and the total skill point will be increased as your character levels up.

This picture above shows the warrior job skill tree. As you can see, it allow you add Skill Point into more than one pat and each skill in the branch can be leveled up. For warrior class, the 3 skill paths are “弑”,” 悟” and “道”.

Unparalleled Skill
Unparalleled skills are more powerful than basic skills.
The unparalleled skill UI is shown below:

The red box show the Unparalleled skills which you can learn.

You can learn unparalleled skill ,by using unparalleled skill book.

Once you learn the skill, the skill will automatic added in your F Key.

You need unparalleled point (无双值)in order to cast the paralleled skill; each unparalleled skill have different requirements. Unparalleled point can be increased when you use basic skill to hit any target. For example, Unparalleled point increase 2.2 per hit when using this skill (in the picture below)

When successfully cast unparalleled skill, special effect will be shown.  You can level up unparalleled skill level and it gives more unparalleled point cap limit too.

You can also add special item Source (道元) to enlighten (power up) unparalleled skill. When your unparalleled skill increase, more slots will be available for Source.

If you are not satisfied before the enlightenment choice, you can use the revert function to, return the Source to you.

Qing Gong Skill
Qing Gong skill is used for running, jumping and flying etc


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