How to create Revelation Online account

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Hàng chuẩn How to create Revelation Online account

Post by Admin on Sat May 09, 2015 2:32 pm

Create NetEase Acocunt

1.The login box will appear, if you already have account you can proceed step 6 onward, if not click the orange Chinese word to register new account.

2.You will be direct to the page to register and fill in according.

3.After complete the form ,go to your mail and verify it. Most of the time the mail will be in your junk mail.
Update Account Information
It good to update your account information in this page , so that if you forget your password or get hack, you still able to recover back. If you can't remember you can write all the information somewhere that you feel safe enough.

Update Mobile Phone Information
To add non china number for your mobile click the button link in the red circle

find your country flag and confirm the prefix number

Anti Computer Addiction
In china there is a law of anti computer addict law that restrict those player below 18, number of hour play in the day.

sadly for this part, we must have china identify  number, so i going teach you how to get a fake china identify number to bypass it. you can generate a number from here , make sure the china identify number is 18 years old above, so that you won't get restricted.

after you done click the below button to submit. This may take very long to pass the test. you can go to this forum thread to complain with formal of:
姓名: name
身份信息: china identify number
联系电话: your mobile
异常简单描述: problem about the verify  (我的反成谜怎么这么久了还没过?) copy paste the chinese word insde the blanket will do.


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