Social Job System

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Thông báo Social Job System

Post by Admin on Sat May 09, 2015 12:52 pm

Revelation Online introduces interesting social interaction contents, such as the social job system, Players can pick one of the 4 social jobs available, namely Butler, Maid, Chef or Dancer. A brief introduction on these social jobs will be present in this article.

In short, social job is basically a secondary job system, which allow players to role play a job. After the social level of a player reaches lvl20 and the character level reaches lvl40, one can find the corresponding NPC's to pick up the social job.

The social jobs are gender-lock: male character can only pick chef or butler while female character can only become dancer or maid. Players are required to pay a sum of money as deposit to learn the job from NPC's. If the players pass the trial within 3 days, the deposit will be returned to players. A player can only pick 1 social job at a time.

Taking up a social job not only allow player to wear the uniform of the job, but also learn many useful social skills. These social skills can also be used in battle, asides from its relevance to social-related stats/gameplay. These information are based on pre-beta test; the skill details on the upcoming beta in Jan 2015 will likely differ.

#Dancer Skills - Dancer skills are mainly buffs for all allies.

Willow Dance: continuously recover the HP & MP of surrounding allies.

Experience Dance: increase the efficiency of leveling for surrounding allies.

Golden Dance:  increase the social stats of surrounding allies.

Heart Dance: increase the happiness of surrounding allies.

Lightness: increase the recovery of your Qing Gong gauge

Tarrot Card: grant a target a random buff.

Smile: Confuse enemies within the AOE

Dancer Mastery: increase 15 Agility stats (passive)

#Maid Skills - As compared to Dancer, the buffs of a maid are mainly focused on the master, instead of allies. The master-maid relationship can be initiated with the "Maid Contract" skill and will only last for 1 day.

Maid Contract: Serve a player for a day

Healing Wind: Recover the HP of your master

Cleanse: remove the abnormal status on your master; increase the Charisma stats of your master

Maid Care: increase the recovery of your master

Fireworks: buff your master and allies.

Flower Language: increase Sense stats (passive)

Rise: increase Evasion stats (passive)

#Butler Skills - Similar to maid, butler skills are mainly focused on the master only. The master-bulter relationship can be initiated with the "Butler Contract" skill and will only last for 1 day.

Butler Contract: Serve a player for a day

Standby: quickly move to your master's location

Protect: grant  invincibility to your master

Butler Care: increase the defence of your master

Trap Removal: Quickly dispose the traps in dungeons

Break: buff yourself to facilitate the destruction of boss parts

Encyclopedia: increase Knowledge stats (passive)

#Chef Skills - Chef can provide critical stats buff to all allies and debuff to stun the boss.

Chef's Instinct: increase your Luck stats

Spicy Pot: increase the critical stats of surrounding allies.

Frying Pan: make the head of an ally bigger.

Scent: buff yourself to facilitate boss stunning.

Chef Mastery: increase Strength (passive)

Knife Mastery: increase Agility stats (passive)

Creative Culinary : Increase Learning stats (passive)


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